mopeds vs scooter

hi all, since the subject came up again as to defining mopeds, i thought i would ask this: very simply why does a scooter cost twice as much as a moped. ( brand new, same engine size, etc.) just curious!

Re: mopeds vs scooter

Scooters have better engineering, more modern engines, battery, electric starter, heavier, transmission is not a chain drive...

in many cases, I've seen scooters 'stock' with nice storage compartments-- few mopeds have that.

I would also think there is a better/longer warrantee.

But, mopeds are much cooler.

I think that the repair to ride time is slightly higher on a moped than a scooter.

There's a lot of advantages to the moped though.

Re: mopeds vs scooter

J. Sailor /

They are both better than a SUV

Re: mopeds vs scooter

Wayne, hows the body healing, since the wreck? doug D.

Re: mopeds vs scooter

Mopeds are much simpler machines than scooters. Less parts = less cost.

scooters are better

glove box, under seet storage, easyer 2 person riding, more perfromance parts. better made. body pannels to fit your own style,,, scooters are better

Re: scooters are better

XBrandon EdgeX /

Most new mopeds have under seat storage, and do you really need a glovebox? If I have gloves, I'm wearing them while riding.

Don't forget that scooters cost 2 or 3 times what a new moped costs. so when you can afford 2 mopeds for the price of one scooter, the whole two person ridability thing is kind of irrelevant. :)

As for fitting your own style, I'd rather build my own style accesories for my moped.

Although really, the fact is that some people are moped people and some people are scooter people. I'm a moped person.

Re: scooters are better

i think comparing vehicles in a different class is irrelevant. are trucks "better" than sports cars? i guess it depends on taste ... or on the particular job (hauling timber is easier w/ a ford ranger than a porsche 911).

but ... i think scooters aren't really that much more expensive than mopeds. new yamaha scooters (like the razz) go for about $1200. that's what a new derbi or avanti will go for. some scooters are more expensive ... but they are often not 50cc scooters (so they're not even in the same engine class).

other features that make scooters more expensive are the more complicated electrical systems and the cdi ignition (which is also a drawback). mopeds are simpler ... so that means they have lower manufacturing costs.

mopeds, however, do have better resale value. when a vespa grande can go for $1500 (more than a new scooter), you see the point. but mopeds cost about $300 back in the 1970s. a running moped costs about that much now. a used spree will go for the same price (or less) than a moped ... so resale is higher indeed.

but ... in the end ... it's all up to taste. i've owned a scooter. and it was fun to ride. but i enjoy my moped so much more. it's more european (i'm into that) and they are easier to maneouver, easier to maintain, and have much more character. there are tons of sprees and elites out there roaming the streets. but how many bianchi mopeds?

Re: scooters are better

I went to the library at Wellston today.Mopeded over there from Jackson.Went to park it in a relatively safe place,and found no place I could keep an eye on it or hear my Quorum CYCLOCK alarm go off if it was tampered with.Now if I'd had a heavier scooter,I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have let me park where the bicycles pull up.From there I could do my work at the library and hear the alarm if it sounded.Also don't need a motorcycle endorsement for mopeding.Like Miguel says,if you compare a 50cc cheap type scooter to a moped,it's a more fair comparison.Before I'd go for a scoot,I'd go for a motorcycle which looks almost as cool as a `ped.ALMOST!

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