wheelchair accessible moped

I was wondering if anyone knows where i can get a moped like the one advertised here.

Brand Name



The Surry Tricycloped is a three-wheeled motorcycle with wheelchair platform. The vehicle is made of welded steel with fiberglass fenders and platform. It features side rails, an aluminum rear access ramp for wheelchair entrance and exit, a hand lever to raise and lower the ramp, and hand operated brakes and gas controls on the handlebars. The 3 horsepower engine has an electric start, automatic choke, and a two-speed torque converter. This cycle can be serviced at any motorcycle repair shop. POWER: 12 volt, 4 amp battery. SPEEDS: Accelerates to 30 miles per hour. WEIGHT: 190 pounds.


Re: wheelchair accessible moped

Reeperette /

Well, some re-seller had a Tomos Trike mod...and a couple of the larger ones could carry a (folded) wheelchair in the back basket, and also, there is the Honda Gyro (http://www.hondagryo.com) the Gyro-UP model looks like it'll do.

I have some experience with mounting the electrical engine system from a Lark personal mobility scooter to one of these trikes as well, with an alternator system that charges the standard U1 class battery, so you got both gas and electrical power available.

That's a handy mod too, cause with a large chain shop like Meires or Walmart, you can roll up on gas, switch to electric and go right on in.....and switch back to gas one the way home and let the alternator charge the battery for ya.

Lemme know if ya need a hand with somethin like this.


Re: wheelchair accessible moped


Ree's right on. Find info about the Gyro. I bet you'd like it.

Heck, I want one-- cool machines, to be sure-- plus you wouldn't have to do any mods, and low maintainence.

When I'm less busy, I'll try to post a pic of it, or maybe a URL.

Re: wheelchair accessible moped

Here's another, but with a .7HP engine, you would have to pedal alot.



Re: wheelchair accessible moped

i appreciate the response.

i have tried on several occasions to get to http://www.hondagryo.com but their server is down or something is wrong with the website. i hope its as good as it sounds when i do get through i'm a quadreplegic in a power chair and cannot transfer myself or move my legs, but from what i understand theres mopeds out there with a ramp that goes right up to the control mechanism of the tricycloped like vehicle and can be maneuvered by someone with limited hand movement abilities.


Re: wheelchair accessible moped

Reeperette /

Whoops, prolly cause it was misspelled, try it as this link.


They can also be Emailed at Gyro@brooke-kensington.co.uk

As far as limited hand movement, I dunno...the closest done to that so far is a single hand control, combination throttle/brake - but given time, effort, and patience on behalf of your mechanic....I don't see it as impossible to kit out a moped trike in such a manner - it's worth a try, at least.


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