Moped Alarm?

Im looking for an alarm to put on my moped...Nothing complex or expensive, just something that can maybe detect motion, or vibrations, so if someone trys to sit on my moped or start it up or ever steal it when I'm not there, the alarm will go off. I will of course, always lock it up also, but that doesnt stop people from sitting on/messing with it. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I found this on ebay, but am still looking at things. What do you think?

Re: Moped Alarm?

Ree has a mini Neutron bomb attached to his moped. If you move his moped without de-activating the switch, all humans within a 3 mile radius will be vaporized.

Re: Moped Alarm?

I also saw one on that clamps to the handlebars and is motion sensitive. Look under the motorcycle section.

Re: Moped Alarm?

It looks like it would work, but seems kind of wimpy. If you know electronics, wire up a simple alarm, with a mercury switch and key. Just hook it into your battery with a siren or strobe. If you don't have a battery you'll have to get one. the 7AH 12 volt gell cells are pretty cheap and arn't too big. You would have to keep it charged somehow, and hide all the parts. That's the difficult part on a moped.

I think an extra hidden Kill swich would good too, but you still have to hide it.

good luck


Re: Moped Alarm?

Reeperette /

Cute...Actually, no - but touch my ped and yer in fer a rude shock (literally)..yeah...and perhaps some rocksalt in yer arse too.

REPOST (Older Post pasted here)

Hereya go folks, gadgets to make sure your ped stays YOURS.

No Reccommendation.

Bunch of sneaky Brits, but good at it, this is more complex stuff.

Model # TT7K is a personal Fav, $40.00 worth of real security.

Page three also has a handy thing fer keepin hands OFF yer 'ped.

I use Model # Charge1K myself, but it's a bit, umm..extreme for campus use.

Alarms are prettymuch ignored in this day and age of car alarms, tracking devices are much handier, most moped thieves don't go far....and as for preventing vandalism one of those zappers does a nice job of keeping hands off.

(Pity the doggie that lifted a leg on my ped a couple nights ago, but then, that's why they have leash laws..)

You shouldn't use common chain, it's just too easy to bust, I reccommend heavy aircraft or elevator cable (home depot has it !) and a pin-across lock, which looks like this.





But the most effective defense of yer wheels is an "example" or two of what happens to folks who mess with your moped...a little of that will go a long way.


Re: Moped Alarm?

I have a Quorum CycLock.

There is one on ebay at:

The auction is in German, though. You may be able to find it somewhere else.

I may get one of those handlebar-mount motorcycle alarms. DO YOU WANT TO BUY MINE?


Jesus Ree...LOL, I'd be afraid to even come near your ped...

Question though, you ever mess something up, not turn it off in time or something, and get zapped yourself? Heh...

Anyway, if you had to pick just one of those, out of curiosity, which would it be?


You werent kidding :D.

Re: lmao

Reeperette /

>>Question though, you ever mess something up, not turn it off in time or something, and get zapped yourself? Heh...<<

Yeah, and I can attest, the damn things effective as hell...yeow..

>>Anyway, if you had to pick just one of those, out of curiosity, which would it be?<<

Model Charge1K - the zapper.....second choice would be my tracking device.

I'd rather you not be ABLE to steal my wheels, than go to the trouble of hunting ya down to put some rocksalt in yer arse.

I use an over/under too...with a side-by-side, most of yer shot is wasted, and that's really only for a chump you can't shoot worth a damn and needs a spread that, I like the ankles-to-eyebrows hit you can drop on with an over/under...fullchoke, of course.

One other naughty little trick is to take a brick of firecrackers, tape a model rocket igniter to the fuse, and gator clip that to the ignition leads, then tuck it up under one of the side panels....the minnit they try to start it, the fun begins.

Don't try this at home folks, unless you really have issues with folks touchin yer bike, a lotta these tricks'll bite ya if yer not careful.


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