Define a MOPED.

O.K. Moped Army, I want a specific definition of a moped.

Re: Define a MOPED.

I think a moped HAS TO have a motor (50cc or smaller) AND pedals in case the motor quits. Thus the name... MO-PED. Anything else is a noped, scooter or motorcycle.

Here we go again

Ron Brown /

Search for "definition", you should come up with a very complex thread from a couple of months ago.


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Author: Daniel (193.125.198.---)

Date: 09-27-00 04:47

Here is what I found in Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia:

"Moped, motorized two-wheeled vehicle that is smaller and lighter than a motorcycle. Also referred to as a motorbike or a scooter, the moped is a very economical form of transportation that is popular in Europe, Asia, and many other areas with warm climates and high fuel prices. In the United States, mopeds can be licensed for use on public highways and can also be driven on bike paths in certain areas. Some states allow persons as young as 15 years old to operate a moped with a special driver's license.

The weight, engine size, horsepower rating, and speed of mopeds are limited in most states. A moped typically weighs less than 60 kg (130 lb) and is powered by a small single-cylinder air-cooled gasoline engine (see Internal-Combustion Engine). Moped engines typically have a power output of 3 horsepower or less and are limited to a maximum speed of 48 to 56 km/h (30 to 35 mph).

...Variants of the moped include scooters, motor-assisted bicycles, and minibikes. Scooters tend to be slightly larger and heavier than mopeds. They use larger engines than mopeds and have a flat floorboard and step-through frame for easier mounting and riding. Motor-assisted bicycles are ordinary bicycles with a small add-on electric or gasoline engine that is mounted over wheels. The motor is used only when going up hills or when the rider is tired. Minibikes are small, two-wheeled recreational vehicles designed primarily for off-road use by 10- to 15-year-old riders (although adults sometimes ride these vehicles also). Minibikes may not be licensed for operation on public highways. They are often assembled from kits that include an engine, a simple rectangular frame, front forks, handlebars, and a seat."

I think this is a pretty wide definition.

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Author: Ron Brown (

Date: 07-19-01 14:29

A few recent posts seem to be mis-identifying scooters as mopeds just because the DMV says they are. Personally, I don't allways believe the government so here goes.

In the beginning was the bicycle.

Then the gearheads of the time said "let there be power assist" and the bicycle became a motorized bicycle, with pedals to start and assist it, no clutch and a belt drive.

Eventually, clutches, gears, kick-starters, chain drive and the like were added and somewhere early in that evolution they were called motorcycles, even though they still had pedals like a bicycle.

With motorcycles fully evolved into a good facsimilie of todays motorcycles, the small ones with bicycle style pedals were called Mo-Peds (there were no big ones with pedals other than antiques, which are more correctly called motorcycles), just as the ones with footboards and small wheels were called scooters.

In good governmental style, different juristictions classified different vehicles as MoPeds for purposes of licensing and registration. Simply put, in some places you can register a Spree as a Moped. This does not the Spree a Moped make.

A MoPed is a Motorized Pedal Cycle. You can pedal it, let the engine push you along or do both at once.

Except for governmental licensing regulations, which do not change the animal, only how you feed it, the above definition describes a MoPed.

Wheel diameter, engine size, transmission type, number of gears... none of these things matter. If it is pedal and/or power it is a MoPed.

I just had to say that. : )


Re: Here we go again

The reason I was asking was to settle a bet my friend and I have. I say his tomos is NOT a moped simply because it has no pedals, he says it is. Then he says if it's not a moped, then its a scooter, which I told him it is NOT. I cant wait to see his face when I tell him he has a NOPED.

Thanks Guys (and gals)


Re: Here we go again

or you could call it a MoKick.


moped army

swarm and destroy

Re: Here we go again

J. Sailor /

I have no pedals. I guess I should start a Noped Army then.


Kill and Maim!

Re: Here we go again

the germans seem to call tomos a "mokick". that would work, i guess.

Re: Here we go again, AGAIN

Author: Jim C. (

Date: 10-18-00 00:31

Moped: A two or three wheeled vehicle other than a tractor having an engine of no more than 2HP and an automatic transmission and maximum speed of 30MPH having pedals for propulsion.

That's the California definition and pretty much complies with the Federal (USA) description.

So in a nutshell: Pedals, 2HP max, 30MPH max, no gearshift.


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