my sister wants a ped

chuck russo /

my sister wants a ped but im trying to talk her into getting a 50cc honda scooter

because shes not a good driver and i think it would be a lil safer for her what do u all think

Re: my sister wants a ped

Imo riding a classic moped is safer, especially in the slippy conditions.Allso the small wheels on scooters are dangerous.Even a small brick can cause u to crash.

Re: my sister wants a ped

I would have to say that mopeds are no more safe or dangerous than scooters, especially a 50 cc model. Like dick said, scooters have smaller wheels, which become a problem when you hit a pothole or a rock in the road, but have more manuverability to avoid those said obstacles. I would have to say that a moped is the best vehicle to start with, if you move to a scooter after a moped than you have more experince and notice the difference between the two. Whatever ride she ends up with, make sure she has a helmet, wears safe riding clothes (long sleeves, helmet, pants, boots, etc.) and be sure to tell her that when riding a moped/scooter, you have to assume that all other drivers on the road (cars, trucks ans suv's) can not see you / dont care if you are on the road. (In other words, ride defensevly). I think its cool that she wants a moped/scooter.

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Re: my sister wants a ped

I think she should get a moped not a scooter. Mopeds are cheaper and easier to repair. Plus you have the benefit of pedals so if she is use to riding a bike it will be a little more familiar to her than a scooter, and it gives one a greater sense of control over the vehicle. Oh and the most important factor. Mopeds look a lot cooler than some crappy scooter.


Re: my sister wants a ped

J. Sailor /

get her a tomos

Re: my sister wants a ped

Definitely go with a moped! I absolutely LOVE mine and I agree that a moped is easier to learn on/control than a scooter...

That's my 5 cents (inflation).

Re: my sister wants a ped

Chuck,it may depend on your traffic conditions around you(her).Some scooters will go faster and keep up with city traffic better and have better `take-off' at the light.But I don't like scooters because of their dinky wheels and `snailish' looks.Some scoots have more stability because of a lower center of gravity.BUT if she's like me,she just wants to save gas while having a blast and that means MOPEDING.Besides,if she's in a wreck,do you want her to have been traveling 30mph or 55mph?I vote for 30.(Been there,done that).

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