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minerel spirits is pretty nasty in itself, I just used about 15 gal. to strip the woodwork in my house. its less noxious than gasoline for sure, but I still wore a resporator. the stuff is also pricey, like $10 or more per gallon, if I remember correctly. I think its cool to see what burns in gas engines, but i like the veggie oil idea alot better, cause its free and relitivly non toxic (although with more particulates)! the problume in the states is that there are hardly any disels to begin with. anyone know whats involved in converting a 4 stroke gas engine to disel? im thinking some major machining and maby new heads? i heard that some car companys in the late 70's early 80's, in response to the fuel chrises put different heads on there gas engines to sell them as diesels. this apperently diddent work very well and they werent reliable. just some thoughts.


Hey Guys,

I knew this guy that put WD 40 on his vaccum cleaner when he was cleaning it. When he plugged it in, a fire blasted out of the motor and burnt his eyebrows off.

How about WD 40 mixed with some starting fluid, octane booster, mineral spirits, gas, and yamalube? Do you think that would work guys? Heh.


how about a spark plug that burns a few ranges hotter? Maybe this would open up more options for alternate fuels?

so NOT trying that

perhaps in a $30 ped, but i wouldn't ever put anything like that in my baby.

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