still need hyosung help

Help, I got a brand new hyosung 2002 model sf-50 and I know it will go faster than 32 but need technical help --revlimiter etc

Re: still need hyosung help

Won't the people you bought it from `clue you' on it?

Re: still need hyosung help

There are 2 routes you can take. 1) buy performance parts for it. I don

Re: still need hyosung help

the rev limiter is located under the nose cone the blue wire coming out of the CDI is what you cut and thats all you need to do to de restrict it. then you can buy performence parts from the dealer you got it from or and other shop that will service it

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Thanks for your input. I'll include in my new book:"How to Make your Moped Go FASTER"

These tips will be very helpful for people looking to disconnect the rev limiter and/or governor.


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gimmyjimmy /

hey Jim,

I'm curious, what's the price of gas in CA this week,

it's a $1.35/gal around here and last week I saw it for $1.28 in MD

Honda Elite

does anyone know how to make a honda elite 50 (2001) go faster than 25 mph?

Re: Honda Elite

XBrandon EdgeX /

turn it into a Honda Elite 250 :)

Re: still need hyosung help

how do you make a aprila rally 50 go faster than 55mph

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