74 Sachs is backfiring

Kyle Fluck /

Anyone know how to fix a backfire problem? my 74 Sachs has been doing it lately and i dont know how to fix it. thanks

Re: 74 Sachs is backfiring

Points or condenser or bad coil wire are the usual culprits.Oh, and SPARK PLUG !!!

Re: 74 Sachs is backfiring

I think they backfire when not all the gas is used in a cycle. It builds up and comes out as a backfire. Could be a spark thing like Don said (condenser, coil, wire, cap) or something might be preventing the gas from exiting the cylinder. Make sure your exhaust port and muffler are clean and free of carbon build up. Oh and its always a good idea to get a new spark plug too.


Re: 74 Sachs is backfiring

If your moped is backfiring, the first thing I would check it the timing, making sure that it is firing at the right time. If it is not firing at top dead center, then you will get an accumulation of gas the builds up until it combust and gives you a back fire. CHeck this, and then look at the other things mentioned here.


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