Gas and oil premix

<HTML>I have a 97 Honda Elite S moped. I just replaced cylinder (72cc), etc. because it was burnt. 10,000 miles.The shop said it was because I had been adding oil (1 oz./gal.). I was told by another mechanic who originally modified it that I should. It would provide better lubrication and longer life. The moped has an oil resevoir which already premixes the oil and gas. Is it getting too much oil if I add the additional? Who do I believe?

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RE: Gas and oil premix

<HTML>You don't have to add oil, when it has a separate Oil tank. You just waste your Spark plugs and (maybe) it slows down your bike, because the oil doesn't burn very well.



RE: Gas and oil premix

<HTML> The additional carbon will reduce the life of the top end.</HTML>

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