Maryland Moped Meet

InfectedBootSector /

I'm looking into having some kind of Moped Meet in Maryland, probably in the Hagerstown Area, in the Spring. That would be a pretty central area, being close to both Carrol, Baltimore, Frederick, and Allegany Counties in MD, and closer for the guys up in PA.

I live about 15 mins from Frostburg. I wanted to host something here at the University, but we are pretty far away from everyone. It would be nice to ride here in a few wees, as it is still kinda warm, but the leaves change, making some breathtaking scenery here in the Allegany Mountains.

Anyone interested to help me head this up for the spring?

Re: Maryland Moped Meet

Wish you were closer `cause it sounds like fun!

Re: Maryland Moped Meet

Yeah it sounds cool, but I don

Re: Maryland Moped Meet

Rich King /

Sounds like a great idea. I live down in northern VA and it should be a ez ride via back road rather than high speed routes such I-270. Keep us informed. You might want to suggest specific routes other than the high speed highways from the Balt. & DC suburbs.

Another thing, remind all of the riders, particularly those who have peds that use pre-mixed gas to carry a full spare gas. The voice of experience.


Re: Maryland Moped Meet

InfectedBootSector /

I am thinking of having someone follow me down in a car... it's going to be a three hour trip for me, possibly more because of the mountains...

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