Winter storage for my Motobecane

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Hey all,

(No I didn't get killed on my ped or anything, it's been running so well, I haven;t had to come on here and complain about it. :-)

ANyway, With the fact that we could have snowfall here in Iowa in the next 2-3 weeks it's about time to put the ol moped in the garage for winter.

Okay. So I know to pull the plug and put in some 30W oil into the cylinder, and turn over the engine a couple of times. Now about the fuel. Some people say to run it completely out of gas before storing it for winter. Others say to put in some fuel stabilizer and leave the tank full.

Any other good tips to recommend so that in spring I'm not going through everything I went through this past spring?


Re: Winter storage for my Motobecane

Fill it with gas,add `Sta-Bil' gas stabilizer,and close the petcock,start it up and run it `til it is out of gas.Also read a few posts down what Miguel wrote.Do the drops of oil in cyl. thing too.

Re: Winter storage for my Motobecane

If its just an over the winter thing that ought to cover it. Someone posted something about long term storage a while ago that recommended filling the gas tank with oil, and making sure every last drop of gas was out of the system. Then putting it up on blocks (or a rack) to prevent the tires from going bad. It seemed like a pretty good idea (and a lot of work) but probably should be reserved for those times when you are planning on storing it for 20 years or so. Just a little useless information for you.


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