Garden Hose Tried To Kill Me...

Just thought I would let you all know...Be VERY VERY careful when riding a moped over a garden hose, I ate shit TWICE last night when I hit my hose at the wrong angle (and I was only going like 5mph!) I felt pretty stupid the second time.

Re: Garden Hose Tried To Kill Me...

Reeperette /

Hey..try this...even worse moment.

Beautiful spring day, yer out crusin, all high on yerself and yer hopped up moped....and come to a you stop...stick a leg out to hold the bike up....and fail to realize you just put your heel down on an oilslick.

WHAM, you go down, and the ped falls on you for good measure - NOT one of the greater moments of mopedding.

Gotta take the bad with the good, tho..


Re: Garden Hose Tried To Kill Me...

I was reading a scooter forum a coupla' days ago and a guy had photos posted where he hit an oil slick at 50+ mph.Hardly any damage to him or the scoot!He said he couldn't believe he was still alive.Pictures showed he was dirty and his PUMAS had a big black streak on the side.

Re: Garden Hose Tried To Kill Me...

gimmyjimmy /

That's about the speed I was going when I dumped a street bike on some wet railroad tracks years ago. I was a rookie and didn't know.

We learn from mistakes, especially when you have to open your wallet.(broken mirror) :)

Re: Garden Hose Tried To Kill Me...

gimmyjimmy /

at least you remembered to put your foot out, i seen a dude forget to put his feet down at a red light, he was riding next to another guy and fell into him!

what was HE thinking about?

Re: Garden Hose Tried To Kill Me...

We used to sneak up on the green garden hose and tie it up into knots. Then we'd sit on the porch and laugh ourselves sick while the hose struggled to untie itself.

(Be warned: This will make your green garden hose VERY mean!)

In august, when the green garden hose sheds the metal ring on its mouth, it has been known to swallow people.

If this happens, you need to paint yellow stripes on another garden hose and throw it onto the hose that has swallowed the victim and yell "SNAKE...!!"

This will cause the green garden hose to deliver up its prey, to make itself lighter for the attack.

You can also cut the offending hose into 3" lengths, boil it for several hours until tender, and then stuff vienna sausages into the hose segment for a great party snack. The guests at the party can also have fun blowing vienna sausages back and forth at each other through the hose segments.

In the winter, the green garden hose usually curls up next to the porch or garage and hibernates.

Re: Garden Hose Tried To Kill Me...

You're very fortunate `Gimmyjimmy'! I always slow down for tracks `cause I'm a chicken' when it comes to broken bones.

Re: Garden Hose Tried To Kill Me...

Wayne,you have got to quit watching `ANACONDA' and those `Home and Garden' shows at the same time! But just in case I'm going out and run over my Flex-o-gen 2 or 3 times to make sure my kids are safe.

Re: Garden Hose Tried To Kill Me...

My father, who passed a way a few years ago, told me a story that is a classic. His friend bought a small motorcycle and dared my father to try it out. My dad never rode one before, but that never stopped him from doing anything. He jumped on it and drove it a few blocks...until he rounded the a corner in West Paterson NJ and some guy was washing his car at 8 in the morning...with the garden hose pulled tightly across the road because his car was parked on the other side. My dad wiped out the bike, a yard and a fence. Thing is...later that evening they were going to ride it to watch the Hindenburg (sp?) land...we all know what happened next.

Garden Hose Control

Garden hoses should be banned... they are way too dangerous... when they fall into the wrong hands people can get killed.

We need 'garden hose control' legislation.

.. and a waiting period before somebody can purchase a garden hose.

Re: Garden Hose Control

Fred,`IF GARDEN HOSES ARE OUTLAWED ONLY OUTLAWS WILL HAVE GARDEN HOSES.'Same's true for water balloons and pit bulls.What's a mopeder to do?

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