To Ree on Amal jets

Thanks for the advice. The # 45 is the size that came with the carb. It is also the smallest jet for it I believe. I will try to get one today of a # 60 and also a # 8 plug. It seems that amal jets start at # 45 then 50, 55, 60 and so on. A # 70 is the largest. # 45 is 104.500, #50 105.000, # 55 105.500. #60 106.000 etc. What do think would be a good starting point, the # 60 maybe? I have mixed an new can of fuel, it is with 16 oz to 5 gallon. My first mix was 22 oz to 5 gal. If I am running really lean as I now suspect is most of my problem I guess the extra oil may have been a good thing. Not just for the run-in, but also adding lubrication when it was starving for some. I am on my last tank of that mix so if I an lean I do need to richen it up before I start cutting back on the oil, don't you think. I looked on forums a lot before I got this kit and saw your name on a lot of responses. I would again Like to thank you for all the advice you so willing offer others in need of answers and suggestions. Have a good one...Butch

Re: To Ree on Amal jets

Sounds like you are putting an awful lot of oil in you gas. Why are you mixing in 5 gallon increments? Wouldn't it be easier to experiment with oil ratios in much smaller batches (1/2 gallon or gallon)? I mix my gas one gallon at a time, and put 2.5 - 3 oz of oil per gallon. What did your spark plug look like after running the 22 oz to 5 gal. mix? And how much smoke is pouring out of tour exhaust?

Re: To Ree on Amal jets

Reeperette /

Best Guess ?

#54 Jet, 32:1 Oil Mixture...with the Number 7 Plug.

If that fouls, try goin with a 43:1 mixture.

Also, you might wanna reconfigure your air intake...cause if it's a stock 50cc air intake on may not be getting enough air to the mix either.


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