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<HTML>Got a question for all you Puch people. I have a 78 Puch Maxi, with 540 miles on it. What is the typical top speed for a Maxi? I'm getting 25 tops (27 down hill), and it seems as if there may be something wrong with the carb. At full throttle, it boggs down, but if you back off a bit, it picks up speed. Might I need carb work? Also any info on where I might be able to get some speed equipment for it? Any help is appreciated =)


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<HTML>heres the tip, your flooding it. You are dumping in more fuel than it can burn. Just because there is "throttle" there you dont have to use it. Solution=tighten up the cable so that extra isnt there anymore. I have the same problem:-(</HTML>

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its supposed to do that.

that way people won*t run the moped WOT wide open throttle

all day long.

at 7/8 ths throttle it will run clean. full throttle it runs rich

to keep the engine from seizing.

you can tune it to run clean at full throttle but why bother.

engine mods are another matter.

please wiki puch performance and read for about 2 months

Re: Puch Carb Help

is it 1hp , 1.5hp or twohp. also the exhust could have two pins in tube to slow you down. take them out. do you have a 12mm carb or 14mm carb. you cn get a bigger jet for carb.

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