oil on the rear brakes

Barbara Perkins /

accidently, now rear brake doesn't work. Does it just have to wear off? thanks

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No,Barb,get a can of brake cleaner as a quick fix and spray it into the hole that's usually got a rubber plug in it while you rotate the wheel.That will do okay if you spray enough in there to cut the oil.To really get it right,you disassemble the wheel and clean it out and the shoes with that brake cleaner spray.Also,roughen the brake linings with some coarse sandpaper before re-installing.WATCH OUT FOR YOUR EYES! Keep water handy.So what was the vibration?Was it wheel bearings out of adjustment or bad or what?

Re: oil on the rear brakes

Hello, Don`t Laugh.... but before they had Brake Clean, we washed off the shoes and drum with gas, let air dry then sprinkled "Ajax" on the shoes... this would absorb the oil as it come to surface as it got hot, It worked! Doug D.

Re: oil on the rear brakes

Sure,Doug,that'd work fine IF you keep the AJAX out of the wheel bearings!LOL !Good info.!

Re: oil on the rear brakes

You can tell how saturated the shoes are after you have cleaned and then sanded them. When you sand them DO make sure you are not breathing the dust and DO make sure you are not breathing the dust from the inside of the drum housing. Depending on how old the shoes are, they may have asbestos in the shoes. Asbestos is not something that is good for you. One of the problems with oil on the shoes (besides being slick) is that it will cause the shoes to desentagrate. Depending on how your brakes are adjusted, that could cause you to scrub the the inside of the drum with the plating of the shoes. That would be a bad thing!

The worst thing that you could face would be buying a new set of shoes for your brakes. The lining of the shoes are pretty dense so it would take a little more than a few drops of oil to ruin them.

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Hi Barbara,

Ironically, I got oil on my rear brakes on my Kinetic too when I changed the oil in the crankcase. I sprayed some carb cleaner (it's all I had) around the rear brake area. I also rode through some puddles of water and hosed the area around the brake with a little water. Then I rode the 'ped down the road a bit to help dry it, using the rear brake (although it would not stop the ped). I did this every day for several days. Just be careful and keep your hand on the front brake until you begin to regain your rear brake power!

It took about 2 weeks before I regained most of the braking power. 3 weeks later it was back to normal (at least as far as i can remember).

Re: oil on the rear brakes

How do you change the oil in the crankcase of a two-stroke?

Re: oil on the rear brakes

Ron Brown /

Inexpensively : )

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