Im going MAD I tell ya!!

alright, I have a 74 vespa ciao. all of a sudden it decided to start missfireing and not work.

OK, so I go through all the regular stuff, carb's are perfect, spark plug is new, points are set dead I THINK it is the seal (the one and only seal). I have seen bad seals cause 2 strokes to hick up before. so I have a new rebuilt engine in my garage, I swap it in (30 minute job and fun to do!), wire it up, check it over. same damn thing. this motor also has a clicking noise that goes away when I take the head off, no sign of the piston smacking anything. I'll check into that more tonight. but it still misfires!

I have a new coil I was going to put on when I get home.

when I pull the plug out and start petaling it get's nice bright blue spark constantly! Im stumped!

any idea's? this is driving me nuts! I can make all my motorcycles and scooters run but I can't fix my darn moped!

Re: Im going MAD I tell ya!!

Could be coil wire or losing the ground thru the tailight?

Re: Im going MAD I tell ya!!

Try it with the muffler off the bike and see if the misfiring goes away. Clogged muffler?

Re: Im going MAD I tell ya!!

replace the condenser

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