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<HTML>Does anyone have any info on a 1980 Garelli Italian Mopeds 49cc? I found one to purchase for $250.00 and it runs. Is this a good buy? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.</HTML>

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<HTML>Garelli mopeds are great! I have a 1976 Garelli and it runs like a tank. The 49 cc engine is Quick and very powerful. I have had mine for almost four years now and it has never failed me. Sounds like a great deal.</HTML>

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Jon Ballentine /

<HTML>Hey there Joel:

I had two of them, both supersports and 1978's. I really liked them. Never had much trouble with them other than normal maintenance issues. I kept them both for over 10 years each. They made a nice matched set. I finally sold them both over the past 2 years. Both still ran fine. The reason I got rid of them was for lack of parts available. This is important to me since I like to keep them in tip-top shape. If the one your looking at runs good and all the parts are there, it shouldn't be a bad deal. By all means take it for a test ride. Make sure the clutch fully engages when starting. I couldn't find a clutch for mine, so I sold it before it started to act up(hard to start). Good luck. Let me know how you make out.

Sincerely, Jon</HTML>

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<HTML>I'm the current owner of a 1977 Garelli SuperSport XL and I too can attest to the fact that Garelli mopeds are fairly reliable and fun. A worthwhile choice, but as Jon stated, make sure you can get parts.


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Hey I am the PROUD owner of a 1972 Garelli basic 49cc, dont have many problems with her other than the clutch, I bought it out of a junkyard for $25 cause they guy burnt the engine up and ate the gear... Had a friend with the same engine but without a piston so I took the deal and fixed her up... only problems I have are with oil mixture so I get a bunch of carbon build up and have to clean the piston once in a while, and like others said the clutch does have problems starting... I find though that its a gear slipping in the crank case easily fixed with a new washer every once and a while.

Garelli Supersport XL

I just found a Garelli supersport in the garbage. It looks like it is in good condition but I have yet to get it to run. I realize theres probably a reason for it being in the trash but it would be nice to get it to run. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Garelli Supersport XL

moped warehouse of New Jersey /

Well You can't beat the price. You know my motto. "If it's for free...It's for me!"

What kind of info are you looking for?


The Moped WareHouse

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