Ok, im stumped. NEED HELP

I put a 70cc kit on my puch about 2 weeks ago. It runs very well when you first start it up. However, after about 3 minutes of use, and the engine has warmed up, acceleration from a dead stop is horrible. It almost dosent go anywhere. I have to push it to about 10 mph, at which point it surges forward, and takes off, and runs just fine. There must be a way to fix this. I tried an identical carb i had sittin around, and had the same result. What could the problems be?

Re: Ok, im stumped. NEED HELP

chuck russo /

intake leak or u need to retune your carb

Re: Ok, im stumped. NEED HELP

try adjusting the carb is it a 15mm amal? i think i had the same thing happen to me a year ago but i cant remember if i had the speed kit yet.


Re: Ok, im stumped. NEED HELP

Reeperette /

That's either timing or a mixture problem, and I suspect timing.

Do a couple of plug chops to check your mixture, and then if yer mix is good, check to see if the timing is advanced sufficiently....it's a good idea to adjust the timing when one of those kits is installed anyhow.


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