Need help to fix a Honda NC50!

To anyone that can help me, I would appreciate it if you could he e back. I recently bought a 1978 Honda NC50. I trust and know the owner so I don't believe that they cheated me. But for some reason it will not turn over. The first day that I drove it it kept stalling whenever I stopped. On the second day it would run for about 12 seconds and then cut out. Now it won't even turn over. I am not quite sure where to even begin to fix it. If you know of where I can get a Repair Manual I would appreciate. Or if you have some knowledge on how to fix them maybe we can do some Q & A via e-mail to help me fix it so that I can be liberated and stop staring at it sitting in the garage.

Now as a beginning point I noticed that it was out of oil after I rode it that first time. Maybe there is an air pocket somewhere, but how do I look? I have checked the battery but I don't quite know what I am looking for. How do I know if it needs re-charging? And if so how can I re-charge it? The fuse looks okay and same for the spark plug. Anything that you can do would help.


Re: Need help to fix a Honda NC50!

Okay,first,you can get a manual by going to links on this site and scroll down to Moped Net .Then scroll down `Moped Net' until you see `Expressly Mopeds'.They have manuals and a good troubleshooting forum for Jap bikes.If I knew what oil you're talking about(2-cycle injection or tranny)I could maybe get an idea of how to approach the problems.Only thing it sounds like to me is you maybe went dry on injection oil and seized the engine.Very bad.BYE!

Re: Need help to fix a Honda NC50!

jumoke Davis /

Thank you very much for your help, I will check out the website. I use 2-cycle injection. I rode it once and it kept cutting out to and from work. Before I left out the house that day I didn't check the oil. But the guy who sold it to me said that it worked fine and I even test drove it. Anyway, the following day it wouldn't start and that is when I noticed that there was no oil inside. I hope that I didn't sieze the engine as you say. But when you say very bad does that mean it can't be fixed?

Re: Need help to fix a Honda NC50!

The chances are since you repeatedly tried to run it,you probably did some damage.But the `mopedwhiz' on the other forum knows those things inside and out,just like Fred on this forum knows a lot about Jap bikes.I personally would take the engine cyl.apart and look at it for signs of seizing.(Melted piston,severe scuffing etc.)On my bikes it's VERY EASY to do this and you generally just have to hone the cyl.,put on new rings and re-install the cylinder.But if you're not mechanically inclined,DON"T TRY it without guidance.One side note:Yesterday on a long trip,I pulled the throttle to go and the bike died.Had never done it before and it had been idling for a few minutes.I suspected seizing but replaced the spark plug.(ALWAYS CARRY A SPARE).The old plug looked carbonned up.With the new plug she fired right up and I continued my long journey without having to bother my wife to come get me.I did Fred's ` plug chop' several miles later and the plug looked fine.ALWAYS got to Fred's guide on this site if you get stumped.BYE!

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