Opinions of Yamaho Aerox 50

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Hey all,

I am 16 and need transport to work. I have to go nearly every day, so I think a moped is a lot easier than taking the bus and having to leave an hour early.

I went to my local bike shop and found the cheapest moped they had (the Aerox) it was

Re: Opinions of Yamaho Aerox 50

Reeperette /

>>If you know of a better choice, please make a recommendation and I will see if I can get hold of one.<<

If yer in the UK.....get an old Puch, it's reliable, inexpensive, and you should have no trouble finding parts in your area.


How much is that in american money (dollars)

if you tell me i could tell you if thats a good price or not

Re: How much is that in american money (dollars)

Jamie Leonard /

Prices don't always directly translate in terms of exchange rates - for example new mopeds here in ontario would cost more in US dollars than the same moped in the US due to importation costs and taxes (And assorted bits such as that) It also depends on the make of ped and other factors - best thing to do is to check out all the shops in your area that have similar machines and price check (as a rule ALWAYS check at least 3 shops if at all possible... that'll give you a much better idea of price.)

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