I recently bought a new piston to my puch.It works well but its weak and slow.I know the previous owner had the cylinder drilled.Now the problem is that I bought a standard stock piston.It was pretty expensive and hard to get.The rings and the piston are installed correctly but when I open the cyl head I can move the piston sideways with my fingers.Will buying a bigger piston give me significant power boost? (Its pretty Expenisve, about 15% of the price I paid for the damn bike..)

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Your present set-up is worthless.You might want to consider a bore kit for the bike or a good cylinder jug used.If you get rid of that jug you still need to take a close measurement of that `new' piston in case it was damaged. Contact

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XBrandon EdgeX /

If you can move the piston sideways in the cylinder, you are definitely losing compression. Either get the correct overbore piston or buy a stock cylinder. The stock cylinder and stock piston will give you more power than your current combination.

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I wouldn

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thnx everybody, youve been helpful.

I think I`ll just buy a bigger piston from my local shop.

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ya well pistons shouldnt be hard to come by steves has them and others lik easy to find but you need a new or used cylinder. just remember on puchs theres two kinds theres the kind they paint black that one is a chrom bore it will last you ages and it will give more power the silve will look nice and make your bike run but it is an aluminum bore it will ware faster.


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