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I sanded a couple parts for a moped of mine down to the bare metal the other night and really like how the parts look without any paint. Should I coat them with something to prevent rust if I want to keep the shiny bare metal look?

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I guess you could call Delorean Motors and see what they'd recommend.Just kidding! A clear acrylic car paint would work,but I don't know if you have to put on clear primer first.Preparing the surface is the most important part and the hardest.Why don't you go with that `Mirage' paint kit MADDOG was using from NAPA.Definitely my choice!

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XBrandon EdgeX /

My brother had a set of valve covers that he clear-coated. It worked pretty well. First, go to an auto-body parts store and get a bottle of "Rust-Mort". It's an acid treatment for metal that prevents new rust and inhibits present rust. Coat the parts with this using a small paintbrush. After the rust-mort is dried, put several clear-coats on the metal.

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That's funny that you mention Mirage paint because I was seriously considering doing a helmet in that color changing paint a few months ago. I could probably do these parts from my VespaSI and the Helmet in one kit. Oh joy. Thanks for the reminder Don. Where in Ohio are you? I am just outside of Cleveland.

More info on the paint:

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I'm in southeastern Ohio in Jackson,OH about 75 mi.south of the Capitol.Yeah,I'm gonna use the Mirage system when I paint one.According to Maddog the kits aren't expensive so if you use 2,so what?The end result will be worth it.See `ya!

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