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I am having fits with my Bi-Turbo and have a question. The fiberglass is coming out of it after about 1 week. I was looking at some on the net ( and it shows an endcap of somekind. All mine has is the gold canister with a chrome tip in the middle. You can look right down into the fiberglass. A circlip is there, but the packing is just getting by it. After a few minutes, it looks like its hit puberty.... Am is missing something?

Re: Bi-Turbo Question

InfectedBootSector /

Hope my doesn't do that... I did notice something... mine doesn't say "Biturbo" on it like on the pictures I have seen... is this normal?

Got it from the Moped Junkyard... talk about Fast shipping... ordered Sat afternoon, got it Monday morning! These guys are great!

Re: Bi-Turbo Question

XBrandon EdgeX /

Yeah, it's supposed to have an endcap on it. If you got it brand new from a dealer, tell them to ship you an endcap. If you bought it used, ask the guy you bought it from if he has it. If you can't get an endcap, you could probably get one made at a machine shop. or (if your really lucky) you can find a washer that has the two correct diamaters on the outside and in the center (or even grind and drill one that's close) and use that as a cap

Re: Bi-Turbo Question

Thanks solved the mystery!

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