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This was taken from the tech. bulletin for a Batavus, but I feel it holds true for any moped.


In the past few months, we have experienced a few rear wheels with bearing problems. We feel at this time, that the bearings, cup, spindle and cones are not the problem. When servicing or preparing a new moped, make sure that the tension of the "drive" chain is not too tight.

The drive chain should have at least 3/4" to 1" slack or play in it. Be sure to rotate rear wheel a full revolution while adjusting drive chain to assure the proper adjustment of 3/4" to 1" in all positions. If the chain is too tight, this will cause unnecessary wear to the bearings.

End Quote:

I'm sure tightening the chain will temporarily fix the vibration problem, but this may be an early warning sign that your rear bearing is going bad. It's easy enough to replace a bearing, but a lot harder to find a replacement wheel with a good hub that hasn't been destroyed by a neglected bad bearing. I hope this helps.


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