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Hi guys!

Just got a crapload of new parts for my 78 Maxi. I got new tubes, tires, throttle cable, lights, and Bi-Turbo exhaust. Anyone have any tips for installing these items before I jump in?

The tires that are on it now were the originals... all dried out and stuff... tubes are the original ones to...

Re: Puch Repair Tips?

Hi,Infected! Do a search on this site and you'll find a lot of info..Ron was just advising someone on changing tires the other day.So read it up,man!

Re: Puch Repair Tips?

I know that the biturbo pipe is really easy. two bolts on the bottom of the cylinder head, you'll need a socket wrench, and one bolt on the side that goes into the frame. Throttle cable, you have to unscrew the two bolts on the top of your carb, it is spring loaded, so be careful. You will see how it works when you look at it.

Lights are really easy, if your changing a bulb. Hopefully, you have the new style headlight.

Re: Puch Repair Tips?

You might need to re-jet the carb for the Bi-Turbo. I'm working on that right now, but I can't get it right. Anyone have any Bi-Turbo carb jetting experience?

Re: Puch Repair Tips?

Your gonna want to run a few jet sizes richer with that biturbo, buy the next 4 or 5 sizes up and try each of them and use whatever 1 works best.

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