Jawa Babettta thumb switch?

Hey, over the weekend I picked up a 1978 Jawa Babbetta. I got if for free and luckily the guy who gave it to me restores antique motorcycles so its in excelent shape. However since it has been sitting dry for a few years I need to put new seals on the carb. I plan on doing this tonight and get this thing going.

Now I own a number of 2 stroke motorcycles but none of them have ever started with pedals.. so I'm about a newbie as its gets to mopeds. My 2 qestions are how exactly do you start a moped? Do you just lock the countersprocket so it turns the engine over and pedal like hell? And what it the thumb lever under the throttle? It would almost seem that its a decompression lever but I've never seen a 2 stroke with a decompression lever let alone a 50cc..

I plan on completely rebuilding this bike and doing a bit of custom work to it and will be posting pics once this is done sometime this winter for now however I'm just trying to get it going and get the engine tuned.. Once I figure out how it starts I should be fine..



Re: Jawa Babettta thumb switch?

that is indeed a decompression switch. if you need any parts or manuals contact me.


Re: Jawa Babettta thumb switch?

Ron Brown /


The purpose of the decomp lever is to allow the cenrifugal clutch to turn the engine over and engage. Once the engine begins turning, release the lever and it should start.


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