Is an Elite 50 smart for me?

<HTML>I'm thinking of buying a scooter for getting around (trips to the library, etc.). I also think it would be a blast for my 6-year-old daughter to ride it with me around our suburban neighborhood.

I would buy a Honda Elite 80, but for the state requirements regarding licensing, insurance, etc. I will probably go with the Elite 50s or 50sr, but I'm concerned that it might not be powerful enough for me. I weigh 220 lbs. Am I just too freakin' heavy for that machine? My daughter on the back would add another 40-50 lbs.

Also, what's the difference between the 50s and the 50sr?</HTML>

RE: Is an Elite 50 smart for me?

<HTML>The top speed on the stock Elite S is about 32 mph with 160 lbs on it. The load limit in the Honda manual is 200 lbs.

You didn't state what state you are in. A lot of guys around here get and register the stock 50s and spend a few bucks on a 66, 72 or bigger cc cylinder. The options are many for getting more power. However, over 50cc is not legally a moped anymore in this state and the moped speed limit is 25 mph. By law you can't carry anyone either. I don't know what the sr is.


RE: Is an Elite 50 smart for me?

jim graff /

<HTML>50cc is enough youll lose pick-up and top-end but hey i also weigh around 230lbs and i have an 82 honda urban express all that weight limit stuff is a load of bull pud unless of course you are over 100lbs over the limit the license stuff i wouldnt be too worried i live in ohio and my scooter is considered a motor cycle because it has no pedals i have been stoped periodicaly and they dont say anything just like where yah goin really i registerd it once in 94 when i bought it and it expired never renewed or anything i havent paid a penny in fines.....yet</HTML>

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