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<HTML>Dear Puch experts,

I recently aquired a '79 Puch Maxi from my grandfather that had been sitting in his basement for the last 16 years. The frame is in excellent shape but I've had to do some maintenance (i.e. rebuild the carb and set the timing), but now when I go to start it up the motor will only run with the choke fully pushed in. Even when it is warmed up the motor will not run without the choke pushed in. Any suggestions? I would also like some tips on how to get this thing off the line (more power) and top speed. What aftermarket parts are there? Any sprockets, carbs, bore kits or exhausts available? I've never had a moped...only crotch rockets (i.e. honda CBR F3's and suzuki GSX-R's) so this moped is going to be too slow in any form for me, but I do want more power. Has anyone straped on a Nitrous Oxide "Sneaky Pete" system before? Just some thoughts here. Am I crazy for doing this or even thinking about it...or has this been going on in the moped community for years? Anyone, please e-mail me and point me

out in the right direction. Thanks.


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Ryan Price /

<HTML>Nope - you are far from Crazy. lol!

Now - I just got 2 78 Puch Maxi's last week, and they were practicaly brand new - only 200 miles on one, and 400 on the other, but the guy I got them from, his sons put the miles on, and they being a little - um - unsavy in the mechanical dept had trashed the two of them. One little tyke put water in one, and froze the engine up. And the other was run to death. Bent pedals, broken plastic, carb FULL of crud. And like yours had trouble running at all. Since the Maxi carb is SO easy to work on, and so simple, that there is little to go wrong. 1.) Make certain ALL areas of the carb are free of crud and grime. 2.) Make certain float and needle work properly. 3.) Make certain you are NOT running on a 16:1 ratio. The Maxi is rated for a 25:1. Finaly make certain your "Adjustment Screw" is turned in correctly. Now mine i have to run most of the way in, since the engine isn't broken in quite yet, and will only idle at that setting. Let me know how that works.


RE: Puch Maxi

jim graff /

<HTML>o lord i tell yah me and u have the same ideas brother this summer i am looking into a nitrous kit for my tomos i currently have a bi-turbo and a speed sproket on it and goes around 50mph,,,for the good 'ol puch u can buy a bi-turbo like mine and sprokets like mine and the big bore kit which comes with the new cylender and cylender head ,exhaust system, choke, larger carb.. i have found one website on the web which has helped me a great deal the adress is www.scootertherapy.com they sell anything u could ever need for a moped u name it they got it mail me back if u have any more questions</HTML>

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