help with the KYMCO 50!!! Something is wrong...

Hey, I got a kymco zx 50 with 2200 miles. I got the spacer in there, the revlimiter disengaged and a technigauss exhaust with roller weights installed. But the thing maxes at 41!! I know something is wrong cuz a stock kymco with the spacer replaced can hit 41, so what the hell is the exhaust doing? I'd think it would hit 47. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get use out of my exhaust, could the roller weights be installed wrong? Do I need different parts to take advantage of the exhaust?


Re: help with the KYMCO 50!!! Something is wrong.


I think we've talked to you before about your scooter (last week?). Anyways, I just got the exhaust pipe and the roller weights (6.5 grams) installed this weekend. My cobra now goes 50 mph and the acceleration is just great. Did you talk to Steve from moped hospital (toll free 1-866-269-162) about your problems? He knows a lot about tuning Kymco scooters.

Re: help with the KYMCO 50!!! Something is wrong.

what does it do when it gets to 41 MPH mabye they didn't derestrict it?

also whatever the mixture screw is at it should be at about one and a half turns out.

in order to do this turn the mixture screw all the way in and then turn it out 1 and a half turns out that is the optimal setting for a zx 50 with performence parts. on three i worked on as soon as i put the muffler the spacer the weights and de restricted it it went about 50 easy

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