Shipping Mopeds

Rob Hoehn /

Anyone have any advice on crating and shipping mopeds?? I am curious what the rough costs are, logistics, etc. Thanks.


Re: Shipping Mopeds

If you (and the shipper) are both near large airports then Forward Air is a good shipping Co.

The bike has to be crated and delivered to the airport... then picked up from the other airport.

And you can save a lot of money on a crate by raiding the dumpster at a motorcycle dealer.. then screw plywood sides and top onto it.

The shipping will prob be between $100 and $200.


Re: Shipping Mopeds

My father collects pinballs and stuff.. he uses Eric's Shipping. I have no idea what the cost is, but they'll deliver right to your door..

Re: Shipping Mopeds

I've shipped a Motorscooter to San Fran. Ca from Balt. Md with Forwardair ,340lb ,i drove it right in the crate for $72 a moped for 47

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