spark only low rpm's

Hi' all, the prob. is i got spark when i just when i turn it over slow. i turn it fast i lose it. Now i put new plug, points, condenser in . the coil is good it starts my other one.what could it be? thanks

Re: spark only low rpm's

XBrandon EdgeX /

I had a similar problem with my 77 Puch Newport. The problem was that at low rpm's it was fine (really low rpm's) and when it was turned fast enough, it would cut out. It turned out that I had a short in my spark plug boot (which was made of metal) and when the spark got strong enough, it stopped jumping the gap on the spark plug elecrodes and instead jumped from the plug cap to the cylinder head. I think that a bike's spark is stronger at higher rpm's, so it might have enough juice to jump the gap in a short ciruit somewhere in the wiring of your ignition. Check for any exposed wiring in the ignition, or if your spark plug boot is made of metal, check to see if that is shorting out (hold the outside of the boot against the metal tip on the spark plug and spin the engine. If it runs, you need a new spark plug boot.)

Re: spark only low rpm's

it has a new copper core wire on ,i put the complete unit on the other ped.starts right up.i replaced the metal boot the first thing i did. [same prob] ***thanks Dan

Re: spark only low rpm's

Check new points for dirt and crankshaft for play.

Re: spark only low rpm's

if it is mechanical advance check for broken springs and point gap, if it sparks at all it shouldnt be the condenser but it could be,,first thing to try is a brand new spark plug, they can't be cleaned forever

Re: spark only low rpm's

chuck russo /

i had a similare problem with my goped and the spark plug gap was to big so check your gap and that might solve it

i just sent out the money for a 87 tomos golden bullet lx and it will be my first moped. i cant wait till i get it

Re: spark only low rpm's

Way to go,Chuck! I'm happy for you! I've got one of those in a 1986,and when I brought it home after paying only 100 dollars for it,my wife thought it was `brand new'.But since I replaced all the rolling pins in the house with plastic ones,I merely suffered a slight concussioin and broken nose.Kidding aside,they're sharp `peds.Now get that thing runnin' `cause we gotta start a `beat Ron's Motobecane' contest.Winner gets a free Motobecane in a box.LOL!

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