seat restoration

i'm planning on making a new seat cover as the old one is torn and rather fragile. it was tearing apart just taking it on and off the foam.

i'm planning on making it out of an old pair of jeans :) denim is pretty tough. i thought that putting the back pockets on the sides might look cool too.

anyone else bother to fix your seat instead of buying a new one?

i'm cheap, so i like to fix rather than buy :)

btw: i made a follow up post about chrome restoration to my old restoration thread (in case you were interested).


Re: seat restoration

Hope it never rains where your bike is. You

Re: seat restoration

gimmyjimmy /

cut up a raincoat then,

how ya doin daveb, how's that Ghia project coming along?

Re: seat restoration

Rob Hoehn /

I made a replacement for my General. I cheated, but I had my mom help me with the sewing part. I went and bought some vinyl though and we sewed it in the shape of the seat. It was easy. The only thing is, make sure you get really tough foam. My mom bought regular pillow foam and it just smooshed down all the way when you sat on it. Not hard though


Re: seat restoration

I have replaced a seat on a Honda Express, Spree, and Yamaha Champ. I go to fabric store and buy vinyl, marine vinyl if possible. Save old seat cover for pattern. Take your time and cut out new seat and sew it together and install. I'm very satisfied with results.


Re: seat restoration

Hi! if you want to do it yourself,that's fine.But I just take the seat to an upholsterer I know and for 20 bucks,I've got a terrific fix with professional stitching and re-stapling.


ok, thanks for your suggestions everyone.

i guess i'll skip the denim, though i doubt i'll ever have my ped in the rain. if it does get wet, i'd be more worried about stinky mildew than a wet ass :P

i'm gonna try to repair the old seat by sewing in some fabric on the inside as reinforcement, or else i'll just try to find some vinyl. the foam is still good though.


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