am new to this board so, I dont want to sound stupid, I'm on a brand new hyosung and putting pennzoil 2/stroke oil in it,, it has about 150 miles on it and the manft says it takes 600 miles to break in, this sounds excessive to me ,,, in my youth a 50 cc dirt bike was broken in ,, in like 50 miles.. I'm sure this is a tired subject for some of you, but is one brand better than another?.........I use mid grade octane gas, in my experience higher octane only leads to higher temperature, especially with a rev limiter,, now to the meat of the problem! unless the rev limiter is disabled.... wouldnt it be useless to make intake or exhaust corrections? other than an increase in torque (and who are we kidding here with 2 hp motors) so I could get to 32 alittle faster ........ ok is there a boywonder out there among you that is familiar with my brand and can help me?????????? thanks for reading Rog

Re: oil?

Hi,Rog! I know Fred said Pennzoil 2-stroke is good and so you're good there.Break-in shouldn't have to be over 300 mi. unless there's a special reason to differentiate it from the usual new `ped.I would wait 600 mi. to really `put the pedal to the metal' for any long trip,though or hard hill-climbing with a rider,etc.It just makes good sense to err on the conservative side.ABOUT GASOLINE: The most important thing is to buy QUALITY gas that you can depend on not having `ETHANOL' in it.MARATHON or SHELL are great gasolines,and have proper anti-rust additives and cleaning additives.If your bike has over 120 lbs. compression,you might benefit from running `plus' grade gas.Just remember that STIHL chainsaw company will void a warranty if you use gas with alcohol in their small engines,SO WHAT SHOULD THAT TELL US ABOUT ETHANOL?Hmmmm? I'm in favor of using that corn to make WHISKEY anyway,until they REALLY build a vehicle that's meant to `drink it'.LOL ! BYE!

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