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Does anyone how to remove the rev limiter on a Targa LX 1995 A5? I have the 70cc kit and rev limiter is a big pain in the way it is working with this kit. It seems to cut the spark off at times when it really should not be. I was told that it is build into the coil. If so, can I rplace the coil and with what kind? Or is it something else that makes it work. The way it is working now is very annoying.

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hers how u do it, i have a kymco cobra, and were mine is is its right next to the battery, its a green wire with a disconect, try that and see if you have one

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SteelToad /

Doesn't that just suck !!!

When I get a good day with the wind at my back, the damn thing cuts out just as

I'm in the middle of "showing off". I've heard that the Tomos units on the mini-bikes

are compatible and dont have the limiter built in. I havent been able to get on the

Tomos website to get more info though. Lemme know what you find out

Re: Tomos Rev Limiter - AMEN

Chris, thanks but a Tomos is not the same. I just checked and looked at the wiring. SteelToad, I guess you mean the coil on the other bike. I hope someone sees this that has found a way around it. Sounds like your R/L is giving you the same problem mine is. I'll check around some other site when I get a chance. It sure does bug me and I'm sure there must be something that can be done.

Re: Tomos Rev Limiter - AMEN

Wait for Ree to comment. I've NEVER heard of a Tomos Rev Limiter.

Just cause I haven't heard of it, there might be one, but-- I've had a Tomos for awhile and never heard it mentioned.

Re: Tomos Rev Limiter - AMEN

Reeperette /

I am not so sure it has one.

It seems more to me, that there is a limit to how far the timing will advance on the stock CDI, and this would function to some degree as a rev limiter, yes.

Yes, the Tomos dirt bike CDI should fit, being a compatible system, but I have not tried to personally....I believe the MX50 or Bt50 ignition is what was mentioned above.

I dunno about pulling one from an old non-tomos dirt bike, but I suppose that might well be possible, check your local salvage yard and take a personal look-see.

(CT-70 is worth lookin at)

You must also remember...with all the "power" mods on some of these Tomos mopeds, you might be pushing nearly (or in some cases more than!) 8000Rpm, and trying to push past that is just begging for trouble....most stock engines of ANY kind start doggin at 7000Rpm, so in practice that limit is something you do not wanna push too hard...well, unless you WANT to see a Tomos throw a rod.

If that happens, send us a pic...cause it's "theoretically" impossible.

(But then, so was jumping one offa bmx trick ramp.....)


Re: Tomos Rev Limiter

first off do you have electronic ignition or points? if you have electronic ignition does it backfire . the only thing to do with electronic ignition is to rotate the stater plate about 3-4 degrees to the right and it advances the spark. if you have points you need to advance the timing about 10 degrees

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