qt 50

So how fast could i get this 1987 Yamaha QT50 to go and not spend much $cash$


Re: qt 50

How fast does it go now?


Re: qt 50

It oes about 27 on flat ground and 30-35 on hills

Re: qt 50

My 1980 QT50 goes 29 to 31 mph on the flat.

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Im looking for more speed and more sheer power from mine. I get about 28 on the flat, and I did this be getting a _smaller_ main jet. (go figure, but if I have the larger one in, it looses power at random intervals. I originally thought this to be a plugged exhaust, but read on) I also removed the exhaust pipe gasget, and then bolted it back up, with a washer between the pipe, and the block. Any washer will do... Its not meant to replace the gasget, so its not a big one either; only about 1/2 round. It provides about about 1/16 to 1/8 of a gap, and I get loads more speed out of it...

but its loud as hell!

I think the next itme is the clutch. I can only get about 10 mph coming up the hill to my house. I thik its slipping too much, and thats why I get slow starts, and this hill climbing problem...

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