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Hello Trac Man, thank you for telling me about the 3 stage treatment for rusty gas tanks. I located it at my local motorcycle shop, and after reading the directions, I have some questions. The directions call for removal of the tank, which I can't do (tank is part of the frame). Is the tank you treated removable, or part of the frame as well? The last stage is the plastic sealant stuff, and I'm pretty sure that is where having the removable tank comes into play (you have to rotate it and swish it around to make sure that last coat goes on even). Can I skip that step, or will the tank just rust up again? And will the acid step be effective just sitting in the tank, or do you have to swish that stuff around as well? Even with 3-4 people, picking the entire ped up and shaking it doen't sound like fun. Did you do have anybody to help you? Thanks in advance!!!

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On one of my bikes I had a friend recomend this, the acid and rocks in the tank to remove the rust and swish it around so call your friends ,cause this part has to be done , and its hell to get all the rocks and pebbles out

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Use BBs or ball bearings with kerosene or solvent,not rocks.(IMHO)AND remove the petcock before you go to thrashing.

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My tank came off with 3 bolts. If you dont re-coat it with the plastic sealent then yes, the tank will just rust up again. The way the sealent goes on is you put a decent ammount in and kinda roll the tank around to all areas until you think its covered it all. If you do decide to have your friends pick it up and roll it around, be sure u dont use the gas cap to seal the tank.Use some thick plastic and a pipe clamp. The sealent will fudge up the vent inside the cap.

Good luck and be sure to post how you do this if you do it.

Trac Man

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