Need Kreidler MP3 moped info/manual

christopher markley /

Just got a 1978 Kreidler moped from an old neighbor. I think it's an MP3, based on some Web searches I've done on Kreidlers. She runs great. Has just 700 miles on the clock. Shifts way too soon from first to second, however. Gear box oil appears to be auto transmission fluid. Is it?

I'm a 1960s Vespa restoration guy, and this is my first moped. I've got the tools and the 2 stroke mechanical skills, but no information on this machine. Help!

Also, I'd love to buy a a 1960 Kreidler Florett Super or GT. Anybody have a line on one?

Re: Need Kreidler MP3 moped info/manual

Hi! may be able to get you a shop manual;I don't know.

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