my motobecane won't work!

i have a 77 motobecane 50V and when i got it it had low compression so i bought new rings and put them in and now it has 115 psi of compression, but it won't go above 10 miles an hour and it has no power. What could be wrong with it?

Re: my motobecane won't work!

Exhaust pipe plugged?

Re: my motobecane won't work!

i checked the muffler and its not clogged, but i found somthing else that might be the problem. i checked the timing with a timing light and the timing mark jumps around a little between about 1/2 an inch before TDC to TDC. What could be causing this and is that the problem?

Re: my motobecane won't work!

I've never seen a large variation on fixed timing unless points were really faulty or condenser was badly connected or coil was shorting,and these things usually cause misfires and weak acceleration.This question is one for someone like Fred or Ron or Ree I think.I suppose worn crank bearings(mains)could cause the points to deviate also.Ron is a Motobecane guy and maybe he's run into it.I'd check coil wire and connection,points condition(spring tension and for dirt),and do Ron's ohmmeter test on the condenser,in lieu of better advice from the Gurus.Glad I don't have THAT problem.BYE!

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