Moto man,

If you would wake up and read the generosity of the posts posted here, you'd get off your ass and thank the anonymous posters here who have helped me and you. That you would EXPECT another poster to come over and Diagnose your particular Ill while you sit on your fat ass... is inexcuseable........

Moto Man says THANK YOU!!!!


What are you talking about. I have thanked and thanked over and over and very genuinely the many outstanding, knowledgeable and freindly people who have help me. I really have no idea what you are talking about when you say that I "EXPECT another poster to come over and Diagnose your particular Ill while you sit on your fat ass... is inexcuseable........"

I don't think you've read my responses to supportive people like Wayne, Simon

Brian, Miguel, Ron, Dan & Tim just to mention a few. Many of my thanks and responses I gave where done on private e-mail hence the suggestion by Wayne to stick to the boards. At first, I didn't understand the protocal and sent many thanks via private e-mail.

However, in all the wonderful responses I've gotten I do not recall a Rick responding or offering any advice. Since there were so many excellent responses from so many I may have overlooked some deserved thanks to all involved including Reeperette, Wal, and even Fred. If I have omitted anyone it was an error of omission not commission. Once again THANK YOU ONE AND ALL!!! You all have been very helpful so far and I appreciate all your help and I look forward to your help in the future. Thanks to those of you who responded to me via personal e-mail and who's names do not appear on the forum board.

Rick, that Thank you is even tendered to you for any help you may have provided. However, you will have to direct my attention to your words of wisdom as I don't recall you at all.


Moto Man

Re: Moto Man says THANK YOU!!!!

you're welcome, from all of us. ;-)

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