maxi 2hp

hi all, can you guys please tell me if this sounds right to you. 2hp maxi biturbo exhaust, had a 58 jet in carb and was 4-stroking, went to a 56 and it stopped runs great now. from what i read and heard your supposed to go up in jet numbers to get more speed. i went down and it stopped the 4- stroking, but did i short change myself in the speed department? should i have gone to a 60 jet. my top speed is about 34-35mph. thanks.

Re: maxi 2hp

It depends on what is restricting it before the carb. The air filter box can be "choked down" to help in the restriction and the stock filter is also pretty restrictive. If it can't get much air into the carb, jetting higher will only slow it down and "4 stroke." Try some alternatives there.

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