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Yes folks you heard it here! He finaly got his moped fixed and RUNNING! woohoo!

heres the recap!

He checks and double checks to make sure the top of the carb where the throttle wire runs in is assembled correctly because the pesky choke doesn't want to snap up when he pulls the throttle to full. he finaly gets annoyed and just puts it all back together, raises the engine and looks the bike over, Choke still wont snap up. he notices that the throttle wire is ever so slightly turned near the engine. Sooo he goes and located where the wire comes out of the throttle, he find it and pulls it up the metal sleeve that runs along the bottom of the frame of his 92 tomos top engine designe moepd. the wire is now perfectly straight at the carb all the way up and while its bent further up near the top of the bike its a long wide arc so there should be no probs. He tries to snap the choke almost goes not quite, he uses his other hand and voila! it goes, he tries it agian and VOILA agian "proceeds to jump with joy" He'll oil it up later right now he wants to see if the stinkin thing will start and run.. opens up the fuel line, pull a petal up and kicks it back "jumps with joy and screams "ITS ALIVE ITS ALIIIIIIIVVEE!!!!! " "hrmm.." he says to himself "doesn't idle quite right, easy enough to fix." hits kill switch grabs screwdriver and proceeds to adjust idle screw starts adjusting screw, squeek squeek sque SNAAAAAAP, plink plink rolllll" "awwww shiiiiieeeeet!!!" watches helplessly as the idle screw's head just snapped off and rolled away.... "AAAARRRRHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGG"

So anyone have an idea of how the hell to get this damn screw out without the head? crys*


Get a dremel tool or something similar and cut(grind) a straight slot into the remaining screw. Then use a very small flathead screwdriver to turn it out.



Brand new owner of a Jawa Moped of somesort, go to pick it up tommorow.. for free!.. glad I found this site.. been working on late model mxbikes for a while now so I can't wait to get at one of these little 2smokers


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thanks for the suggestion.

Re: thanks

Or you can go to NAPA and get a reverse drill bit or special bit to back it out.Can't you remove the throttle slide and choke slide and get to it to reverse it out with pliers?

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