Tomos Revival !

Hello there!

The new Tomos Revival has been the subject of much delay and anticipation- if anyone has seen it- it is not hard to figure out why. To find out what the dealie-o was, I have e-mailed and visited a few Tomos dealers from around the country- and the major reason they are being held up is because of the Department of Transportation is not done with it's official import ceritfication. Anyone else who may be lusting after it- I have an exclusive front view shot that is too wierd for this attachment thingie (I will go re-name it for you)-I also have a back view as well if anyone wants to see it. The pictrues have come from inside Slovenia. Otherwise- their exact origin is unknown- and the site I found them on no longer has them up. Anyway- just wondering if anybody else is obsessed as I am, and if anyone has any particular concerns or opinions regarding it.

-Norwig __ y


Re: Tomos Revival !

Okay- I am not much of an expert on purifying my files- but if this doesn't work I might as well tell you how to make a moped on your keyboard. Make two underscores in a row- __ then two spaces, then a lowercase y ( __ y) After that- enter a new line, and slightly before below the underscore put a " mark, then a capital O, a left slanting slant\ , an = sign, another O and another " mark.



Back View!

Here is the back view!!


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