Streets with bike lanes

Hello all. I was wondering how many of you live in towns whos streets have bike lanes? I ride in the bike lanes whenever possible, but drivers seem to be assholes to me weather I'm in the bike lane or in the middle of the street. Anybody else have this problem?

Also, how many of your peds have turn signals? Those that don't, do you use hand signals, or just turn & hope for the best?

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I live in Austin, TX. We have alot of bike lanes and I take advantage of them but Im pretty sure its illegal to ride anything motorized in the bike lane. Drivers are going to be assholes no matter where you ride, that's why it takes a tough character to ride a moped! I would get turn signals or use hand signals whenever you can, better safe than sorry.

Re: Streets with bike lanes

i ride in car lanes, just left of center. it keeps cars from passing you. but i can go about 40mph ... so people don't cut me off like they used to before the upgrades.

i also have no turn signals, so i try to signal if cars are around me. not that it matters much, car drivers are a pretty hasty lot and don't know turn signals. i only really use them for left turns (since an arm extended might mean something to them). for right turns i just go and get the heck out of their way before i get hit.

if you do use hand signals ... i've learned to do them more than once. so give the proper signal ... then wave your hand around in the air a bit ... then point to where you are going a few times. then point to you, then back to the direction you're going. (it tells drivers "hey! over here! see me? i'm going over there!"). then check your mirrors (if you have them), brace yourself, and go for it.

Re: Streets with bike lanes

Here in Californy you can use the bike lanes, but not the bikeways. Bikeways are dedicated bicycle paths, whereas bike lanes are incorporated into a street.

You just have to be mindful of bicycles when you use them.


flick them back

drivers suck, i go with the crotchrockits. get the bumber sticker "horn broken watch for finger"

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