I almost had it...

I stumbled into an auction on ebay last night for a Laura m48 engine for my Bat. With 8 seconds left in the auction, someone ( who I hope REALLY needed it more than me ) out bid me by $2.70. I was soooo pissed off. I needed it very badly and I haven't had any luck in finding one as complete as this.


Re: I almost had it...

Thats why if you find something you REALLY want/need on ebay, you bid like 20 bucks over what you are willing to pay for it. In this case, would you have minded paying the extra $? Some other tips I have for ebay (I use it all the time) Dont bid untill there is less than a minute left, and bid high. When you bid, instead of putting in $5.00, put in $5.08 or $5.88. I win auctions all the time using these 2 tricks. Twice I've paid more than I should have for items, but I'd rather pay more for something that I want than be in your positon, wishing I had bid more. Because you never know when the next time somebody is going to put that item up for auction (if it gets put up at all).

Re: I almost had it...

some more tips- things that end on Thursdays end higher

if you need something go for the buy it now as soon as you see it. At the end and beginning of the month prices are a bit lower, because most people are paying rent, and don't want to spend on extra stuff.

Re: I almost had it...

XBrandon EdgeX /

Here's the method I use:

1. Find something you really really want on ebay.

2. Get really excited about it

3. Bid ridiculously high withouth thinking (say, twice the utmost top value of object)

4. Pray to god that no one else is as crazy as you are when it comes to bidding on stuff

5. win at a high price

So far, It's gotten me a $455 parts bike and a $75 set of mag wheels with noisy bearings.

Re: I almost had it...

These are all good suggestions and I will (try) to put them to use. The only stumbling block is $$$$$. I haven't got enough of it. I did bid $25 more than I really could afford and I still suck!!!


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