honda express gas leak

Jonas184 (the moped lover) /

okay, the problems not huge yet, but when i fill the fuel tank on my 78 Honda Express more then about half to 3/4 full, the gas starts to pour all down the sides of the tank and onto the hot motor from the cap. anyone know where i can get a new cap or how to fix thiis one?

Re: honda express gas leak

Go to your local Honda dealer, and get a gas cap. He may even sell just the seal. Or try your local automotive store or hardware store and buy a sheet of rubber gasket material and cut your own out using the old one as a template. Just make sure it's resistant to fuels.

Re: honda express gas leak

I had a similiar problem with my Express and discovered that the lip of the tank opening was bent AND the rubber gasket on the cap was dry and cracking.

I bought a couple of thin cork drink coasters at IKEA and cut donut flanges to seal the gap. I never glued them or anything but they work great. Final cost-50 cents-good luck!

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