okay, i was having trouble, and i thought it was my battery, but it looks like i was wrong. i noticed my headlight dimming more than usual when i stopped, and then she'd stall. no problems running. after some advice from fred, she was working fine, i had her idling on the stand. but riding today, she had the same problem, and i noticed that the headlight was flickering even as i was riding. it seemed to go in steps, bright, not so bright, dim, then bright again.

any ideas?

Re: battery?

For the record, moped headlights run off the magneto (alternator) and not the battery.

They will normally get brighter as the engine RPMs increase and likewise dim when the engine idles.

In a case where the headlight dims and brightens as you ride, I would check all the electrical grounds, then all the connections in the headlight circuit. As long as the headlights gain normal brightness, even if occassionally, it indicates atleast the output to it is normal.


Re: battery?

Ron Brown /


Including make and model allways helps, meanwhile, check for shorts to ground wherever wires go through a hole or rub on metal.


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