Who owns the '77 Mobylette in the photo gallary?

Who owns orange '77 Mobylette in the photo gallary? If someone could get him/her to respond to my questions it might very helpful. My moped, except for some missing parts, is virtually identical in appearance.


Re: Who owns the '77 Mobylette in the photo gallar

that would be mine.


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Re: Who owns the '77 Mobylette in the photo gallar

hey, Moto Man- why don't you just send in a pic of your moped already? It gets tiring hearing about how your moped is nearly identical to this or that. I find it hard to believe that you still give out the aura of uncertainty when it comes to what make and model your moped claims. Send in a pic already!!

Re: Who owns the '77 Mobylette in the photo gallar

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your response. You may have seen my posts and know I'm not very knowledgable about mopeds or how this forum and e-mail thing works. I'm getting better I think. I'm going to try and get a digital picture this weekend an d try to post it so it's easier to refer to.

As I've stated before, I've no doc's of any sort and would like to get a good and complete copy of the owners manual, service manuals, and any original sales liturature/flyers etc. that my apply to my moped. Mine looks identical to yours except, as I said in other post, it missing a few things. Your is very sweet. From your picture it looks like its complete.

Do you have any of the manuals? Would it be possible to pay you for your cost of entirely reproducing them? I reside in CA and would like to find parts in Southern Cal area. Got any suggestions. Have you had experience, as some have suggested, with the Mopedjunkyard?

Thanks for your time,

Moto Man

Re: Who owns the '77 Mobylette in the photo gallar

If you need some help you might contact Bill Webb at <a href="http://zippymoped.homestead.com">ZippyMoped</a>;. I think he lives near you.

<a href="http://zippymoped.homestead.com">http://zippymoped.homestead.com</a>;

Re: Who owns the '77 Mobylette in the photo gallar

Thanks Tim,

I appreciate the tip and your time. I got my moped running and what a blast. I still need some parts, but at least it's running. It could probably be tuned a little better as it doesn't want to idle very well and tends to die when I slow down and cut's out a little when I accelerate to full throttle. Got to get some literature and manuals. Thanks again for your time and suggestions.

If you have any tips on how to get her to run a little smoother it would be appreciated.


Moto Man

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