Tomos 70cc Tuning

Hi all, I just got a 70cc kit and would like some feedback from others that are using this kit. I am most interested in tuning the Amal carb, plug heat ranges and any problems you may have encounterd. I am just now completeing the run in period and it seems to be running smoother as the miles build. I used 22oz of Bel-Ray MC2 to 5 gallons and have used about 3 gal of this so far. My plug (NGK B6HS) looks far but is a dry dark gray. I just put in a #5 plug but have not rode it yet. I'm sure the dark color is from such a rich oil mixture, but I a'm going to cut back to 2.5 or 3oz per gallon on my next mix. I do burn 93 Amaco and 1oz of Octane booster per gallon. I have always used this and I am very happy with the results I have seen. I could get a true 42 mph on level out of my stock motor,(everyone that rode it was quite surprised at how fast it was then). I Know a guy that has a 27 tooth and Biturbo (oh yeah I did have a Biturbo on the stock jug) but everything was the same and I could out run him everytime with the stock 26 tooth. I think a lot of that was my octane boost though. Right now I still have the 26 and my speed is only slightly better/ but it will climb hills MUCH better. Yet I know I need to do some fine tuning to the carb and would appreciate any suggestion as to what to look for in order to make the correct decidtion about jetting. Also, what is the screw under the idle adjuster for and how do I set it. Thanks

Re: Tomos 70cc Tuning

SteelToad /

Aint that 70cc kit fun ... I've got 70cc / 27 tooth / biturbo. As for the screw under

the idle screw, its for the mixture. As per other folks here on the msg. board:

Turn it one way till it starts to run like crap, turn it back the other way till it runs

like crap again. In the middle is where you want to be. Let me know what you

come up with as far a jetting it, thats something I'm thinking about doing.

Next on my list is to take the bike partially apart for a paint job with the color

shifting paint, brake job (you need those frequently with 70cc), Trans Fluid change.

I've just finished replacing the headlight. My bulb broke and I'm replacing the

whole assembly with a couple of thin Pilot color shifting halogen beams made as

aux. lights for a car. Each bulb is about 1.5 inches tall and almost as wide as the

stock light. I've got them mounted one above the other and I'm working on the

wiring, one bulb for low beams, two for high.

Dont bother trying to keep your rims clean. My chain keeps spinning grease off

as it goes around really fast. It's a problem I can live with :-)

Re: Tomos 70cc Tuning

Thanks for the tip on the mixture screw. I will post my findings as to the best jet set-up I come up with. It willbe a couple weeks though as I'm running a little rich now and I feel I should leave it that way until it gets some more miles on it. The #5 plug didn't work as well as the #6 and I just put in a #7 to try. Anyone else with tips your opinion will be gratefully appriciated. SteelToad, sounds like you have a nice bike! Got to go for now, but I will let you all know what I come up with.

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