mopedjunkyard... friend or foe?

i am having some problems with bad service from the Moped Junkyard, and i was just wondering if other people have had the same thing happen or if this is just a fluke. my problem is that my order ended up taking a week instead of the 2-3 days that they claim, and when i finally got it, they sent me the wrong part. so i sent the part back and now i am just waiting around with a non-working, pet-cockless ped. i just wanted to kind of get an idea for what the reputation of this place is, and decide whether or not i should be doing business with them anymore after this. thanks!!


ps- i just wanted to let all the forum-ers know that i miss talking shop with you, and i haven't been able to really work on my moped or ask questions here because of this stupid part taking so long in the jerk mail.

Re: mopedjunkyard... friend or foe?

I ordered from them and they sent the correct part very quickly, but then I had a problem with credit card theft. I'm not sure if they are related to eachother, but from now on I will pay by money order only.


I have nothing but good luck with The Moped Junkyard. It's definately the fastest. I don't know what happened with you order but...

Did you happen to enter the wrong item # or description? I don't know, even when I wasn't sure of the part # or couldn't find it I just described it to Joe and he sent me the right part/parts. I always order from there, now.

The one place I had problems with is I would not recommend them.

As for the credit card issue, I have had no problems with them or anyone far. (Knock on wood)


I've had very good service, can't complain.

Re: Friend

hi, ive ordered from them quite a few times with no problems whatso ever. very quick also.

Re: mopedjunkyard... friend or foe?

Reeperette /

General consensus is that they are ok, but everyone screws up some times.

I ordered an ignition coil from em a while back, and they changed the order on me to another part, which didn't work on my ' I know about how ya feel.

And there have been a few other incidents...yet as a whole, they seem to deliver good service (not that I've gotten any).

So I am neutral on it, having sufficient information both ways to neither reccommend for, or against ordering from them.


Re: mopedjunkyard... friend or foe?

SteelToad /

If you've seen the news lately, you might see the reason for a week instead of

2-3 days, getting anything shipped anywhere is taking longer now.

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