Jason Heller, Mike Bartell and Steve Watson

If you are one of the people in the subject of this, please reply. I just noticed that we have a Midland, and 2 Lubbocks in the owner database and we Thundercats are in Odessa so I'd like to talk to you guys. Reply to me on here and maybe we can meet up sometime, especially Jason Heller seeing as he's only 15 mins from us.


Thundercats Ho!

Mike Bartell

Hell I was waiting for something like this- I was baiting with an ad in the parts wanted section a while ago for a parts trade Sachs parts for honda express parts.

I even said I'd go about 300 miles- free delivery no response close.

I've been trying to get the other guy in lubbock BUT his e-mail dosn't work and he's not in the phone book

My moped isn't running right now-parts in a box going to Ohio- Handy Bikes Rules.

e- mail me- whatever It should work.

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